OCD Awareness Week 2011 Event Schedule

OCD Awareness Week 2011 Events

Hoarding Disorder — Hope for Recovery — Tuesday, Oct 11, 7-9pm

Hosted by the Austin Hoarding Support Group, this special evening offered a discussion on Hoarding Disorder for sufferers, family and friends, students and therapists. Starting in January, the group will run an evidence-based study/support group using a peer facilitator’s guide based on the widely acclaimed book, Buried in Treasures. See details.
Scrupulosity — OCD with religious or moral obsessive concerns — Friday, Oct 14, 7-9pm

Facilitated by Daniel Garcia, PhD, this special evening offered an introduction to scrupulosity for sufferers, family and friends, students and therapists. See details.
OCD TEXAS Conference, OCD Advocacy and Awareness — Saturday, Oct 15, 9am–6pm

“A Night to Believe” — national event — Saturday, Oct 15, 6-8pm
In an attempt to raise awareness for OCD and effective treatment, the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF) held a national event in Boston, MA, that was video-streamed live across the country. Local viewing parties were held in Austin in individuals’ homes. Watch the video.
BDD Breakfast — Sunday, Oct 16, 9-11am

This breakfast with Chris Trondsen offered special opportunity for people with BDD to spend some informal time with Chris and others with BDD. See details.

Activism! — Sunday, Oct 16, noon-4pm
This special event offered an opportunity to writers, bloggers, film-makers, artists, musicians and others who reach out to others, raise awareness, and offer encouragement about OCD. The event was hosted by Cedar Springs Austin, with an Open House celebrating the opening of its new OCD and Anxiety Treatment Programs.

Cynthia Boles of Pencode Books, Gold Sponsor, spoke on new media, self-publishing and self-promotion strategies for OCD activists trying to get their word out where they can be read. Janet Singer, blogger for OCD Chicago and other mental health sites including her own ocdtalk, spoke on spreading awareness about OCD “one site at a time”. Kelly K, who writes the I Survived the Mean Girls blog and also Dances With Chaos, offered suggestions for making a difference through the Internet.

The OCD Encouragement Project, a special initiative supported by OCD TEXAS, had its first organizational meeting this afternoon. Attendees brainstormed and offered ideas on format and content. They agreed that there is a need for “success stories” that can offer hope to individuals newly diagnosed or those who have not yet sought treatment, and also to their families, to get the word out that effective treatment is available. Several attendees agreed that there was good information about OCD on the Internet about symptoms and recommended treatments, but that people needed to hear stories of others who had gotten treatment and gotten better. Janet Singer said, “People want to know — ‘Exactly how bad was it and what did you do and how much better did it get?’ — that even when someone’s OCD symptoms are severe there is reason to hope.” As one participant said, who had been home-bound for 8 years but had dramatically improved through intensive treatment, “We are living proof.” The project will begin as a blog-type website, but will then move toward other publishing formats.

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