TAKE WHAT YOU NEED — Self-Compassion & OCD

Self-compassion was the theme of the 3rd annual Houston conference of OCD TEXAS, support and advocacy organization for Obsessive-CompulsiveDisorder and related disorders, held on Saturday June 1, 2013.

Research has shown that people with OCD tend to be particularly hard on themselves. Speakers and panelists, OCD sufferers and OCD treatment providers, spoke from their perspectives on the need for self-compassion on the road to recovery from OCD.

Keynote Speakers:

Sheri Bloom and Suzanne Mouton-Odom, PhD, shared about the book that they have co-authored, “Out of the Rabbit Hole: A Road Map to Freedom from OCD”, which will be published later this summer.

Alexander May discussed his journey through OCD recovery.

Speakers on Research and Treatment:

In an introductory “OCD 101” talk, Thröstur Björgvinsson, PhD, director of the Houston OCD Program, described obsessions and compulsions in OCD and treatment approaches that research have found to be most effective.

John Hart, PhD, spoke on “Values Based Therapy for OCD”, an approach to OCD therapy that encourages the patient to to focus on what they value most in life and to go ahead and live life to the fullest according to their values, rather than on “getting rid of anxiety” or other uncomfortable feelings.

Professionals Panel:
Emily Anderson, PhD, Michael Soderstrom LPC-S, Sondra Kaplan, LCSW, Ginny Fullerton, PhD, and Constantina H. Boudouvas, MSW, answered questions from attendees about OCD and OCD treatment.

Success Panel – “Hope for OCD”: Success Stories from Real People Overcoming Real OCD:
A panel of OCD sufferers shared their success stories about dealing with complicated OCD in their lives.

Support Group Meetings & Networking for Treatment and Research Professionals:

Location: Crowne Plaza 12801 Northwest Freeway Houston, TX 77040.
Sponsors:Throughout the day, conference participants spoke with conference sponsors. We are very grateful to our sponsors who helped make this event possible through their generous contributions.

Peace of Mind Foundation – Platinum Sponsor
Houston OCD Program – Silver Sponsor
HOAP: Houston OCD and Anxiety Project – Gold Sponsor
Anxiety Treatment Center of Austin – Bronze Sponsor

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